FOWAP Meeting Minutes 2023

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April 5, 2023 Meeting


Alison Ryan: Chair

Barbara Salyers-Vice Chair

Paula Hern-Secretary

Chris Schorre-Fund Raising Committee


January 19, 2023 Meeting


Barbara Salyers-Acting Chair

Chris Schorre-FundRaising Committee

Paula Hern-Secretary

Shelley Kilday-FundRaising Committee


I. It’s My Park Day was discussed. The upcoming volunteer day is March 4. Adrienne has submitted a proposal for the day’s activities. FOWAP is in need of someone to take over Dick Ryan’s duties organizing and leading the event. Chris will consult with Dick about next steps. Volunteers are needed and can register starting February 6 for the day. 

II. FOWAP has received several complaints regarding dogs off-leash in the park. FOWAP has no authority to enforce city code regarding on-leash areas, but ways to address the issue were discussed.  A questionnaire regarding use of the park will be sent out to the mailing list. Paula will bring up the issue at the next OWANA steering committee meeting. 

III. Updates on the Overlook Project

Chris and Shelley have met with representatives of PARD and Austin Parks Foundation. The Watershed Department within PARD plans major improvements in the park. FOWAP coordinating the work needed for the Overlook Project with the upcoming City improvements may lead to help completing the Overlook Project. 

The next FOWAP Meeting is scheduled for February 16, 6pm. Place to be determined.