FOWAP Meeting Minutes 2023

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December 13, 2023

Members Present:

Chris Schorre-Chair

Bill Killjoy-Co-Chair

Janet Sullivan 

Paula Hern-Secretary

Alison Ryan-It’s My Park Day Coordinator


I. Minutes from the last regular meeting were approved.

II. The treasurer was unable to attend, but the Austin Parks Foundation statement shows the FOWAP balance is $134,531.88. Chris said there were soft commitments of about $25,000 to the Overlook Project.  There is also a “fundraising circle” composed of John Tenant, Daryl Kusik and Rick Cofer who have pledged to fundraise for the project. Once the construction plans are complete, bids can be sought for the project. 

III. Overlook Project updates were discussed. TBG is close to the end of the design document process. Changes to the Project will be a community table and removal of steps from the parking lot to the Overlook Project. Removal of the steps was discussed by the committee and decided on after considerations including how the steps would be used either as a way to get to the Overlook or as a pass through to the larger park, acknowledging there were other ways to get in and out of the park and Overlook, and the cost savings of not adding steps. Another change, suggested by Bill, was use of stones for the new ledge and not formed concrete. Chris will check with TBG about that change. An Urban Forest grant will provide several trees and help with irrigation. There will be a donor recognition wall but no brick recognition. Also suggested by Bill was umbrellas at tables to help provide needed shade. This will all be coordinated with Watershed and their project in the park. 

IV. There has been no progress on the Watershed field water quality project.

V.  No discussion of off-leash dogs in the park.

VI. Amplify Austin in March was discussed and how FOWAP will participate again. Alison to create a page for the event. Bill will coordinate our participation.

VII. It’s My Park Day was also discussed. Alison will coordinate the garden improvements. Janet to take care of setting up a table and coordinating the volunteers.

VIII. No other business was discussed.


OCTOBER 26, 2023


On the 26th of October, Friends of West Austin Park, held its annual meeting at the park and on the site of the future Overlook Project. Eighteen people attended the meeting including executive committee members and interested neighbors. Alison Ryan, past Chair, led the meeting and agenda items.

Chris Schorre presented an update on the Overlook Project describing the overall design of two different seating areas, one with individual seating and one with a large, communal table. There will be two green areas with irrigation for plantings.  Design and construction drawings are being competed and then, fundraising efforts and planning will start up again. John Teinart has offered to help with those efforts. PARD and APF have signed off on the Overlook project. Maintenance of this area will be an important issue to address as the project is funded.

Jennifer Guthrie, treasurer, reported there is just under $140,000 in the APF account. There have been about $50,000 in donations this year to date. Chris stated there are monetary commitments beyond this amount. 

Alison Ryan stated there will be a need for people to help plant and fence the garden at the park on November 4th. The group will gather at 9am on the 4th. OWANA is also planning its Music in the Park event that afternoon from 1-5pm. FOWAP will have a table at the event.

There was some conversation on the watershed project to improve the drainage in the field by removing material in the center of the field and replacing with material that provides better water filtration. Duncan Park is currently undergoing the same process if anyone is interested in seeing the process in action.

Elections were held for the next year’s executive committee.  The voted on and approved officers are: Chris Schorre, Chair; Bill Kilday, Co-Chair; Jennifer Guthrie, Treasurer; Paula Hern, Secretary.

September 28, 2023

Members Present:

Alison Ryan-Chair

Jennifer Guthrie-Treasurer

Paula Hern-Secretary

Chris Schorre-Fundraising Committee

Shelley Kilday-Fundraising Committee

Bill Kilday-Member


I.  Alison let the committee know there will not be It’s My Park Day this November as the application was sent in too late and due to the number of applications, ours was not accepted. We do have a $250 gift card that arrived late from the last It’s My Park Day that Alison will spend on materials for the park. Alison will let OWANA know the event will not occur.

II.  The FOWAP annual meeting was set for October 26th at the park. The general agenda was discussed for the annual meeting. On the agenda will be election of new board members, update on the Overlook project and maintenance plan for the project, update on the city field project in the park, and update on restoration of median on 9th.  The need for more board members was discussed and several people will be asked about their interest in joining.

III.  Chris updated the group on the Overlook Project. TBG has presented two design options with varying space for grass, a circular, wood deck with a tree in the center for shade as an option and potential for a stone ledge through the center of the grassy area. There will not be a pétanque court.  Discussions are ongoing regarding the choices and this will be presented at the annual meeting on October 26.

IV.  Jennifer said FOWAP now has $138,793 in its account. The Mitchell Foundation just promised another $20,000 for the project.    

April 5, 2023 


Alison Ryan: Chair

Barbara Salyers-Vice Chair

Paula Hern-Secretary

Chris Schorre-Fund Raising Committee


January 19, 2023 Meeting


Barbara Salyers-Acting Chair

Chris Schorre-FundRaising Committee

Paula Hern-Secretary

Shelley Kilday-FundRaising Committee


I. It’s My Park Day was discussed. The upcoming volunteer day is March 4. Adrienne has submitted a proposal for the day’s activities. FOWAP is in need of someone to take over Dick Ryan’s duties organizing and leading the event. Chris will consult with Dick about next steps. Volunteers are needed and can register starting February 6 for the day. 

II. FOWAP has received several complaints regarding dogs off-leash in the park. FOWAP has no authority to enforce city code regarding on-leash areas, but ways to address the issue were discussed.  A questionnaire regarding use of the park will be sent out to the mailing list. Paula will bring up the issue at the next OWANA steering committee meeting. 

III. Updates on the Overlook Project

Chris and Shelley have met with representatives of PARD and Austin Parks Foundation. The Watershed Department within PARD plans major improvements in the park. FOWAP coordinating the work needed for the Overlook Project with the upcoming City improvements may lead to help completing the Overlook Project. 

The next FOWAP Meeting is scheduled for February 16, 6pm. Place to be determined.