Planned Park Improvements

The Parks and Recreation Department (PARD) maintains West Austin Park but desired improvements must be driven by neighbors and park users like you! Years ago a comprehensive plan for improvements to the park was proposed by OWANA and the Friends of West Austin Park (FOWAP). The basic framework was adopted by the Austin City Council in 2013. The plan envisions a nature trail on the east side of the park, an improved entrance on the east side of the park, an adult seating area/landscaping in the northwest corner, and an improved open field with better drainage and filtration. Those are just a few of the improvements in the long term plan. See more below.

The Overlook

Those of you who have lived in the neighborhood for 10+ years may recall a tennis court on this spot. With broken concrete and ugly tall fencing, the City removed it. Aside from the 4th of July, this area sees little use. That's a pity because this area of the park perched on a high spot and offers wonderful views of our park and the skyline.

Project status:
Approved by Parks and Recreation Department. Fundraising underway! Construction start in 2023.


The Amphitheater

There are several walls on the east side of the park that are collapsing and need to be rebuilt for safety, accessibility and better drainage. We would like to add more, but shorter, walls that can serve a dual purpose for hosting occasional performance events in the park. The natural open area of the field makes it a perfect backdrop for movies in the park, music etc.

Project status:
Proposed to City of Austin.
Large project that also involved better field drainage. To be started after 2025.

The East Entrance

West Austin Park has good accessibility from the north and south but not so much from the east. FOWAP has been pursuing a simple plan to remove this guardrail and make the entrance from 9-1/2th St more welcoming and accessible. FOWAP applied for, and won, a Neighborhood Partnering Program grant and this project will start soon.

Project status:
Approved! Project will be completed in 2022.