FOWAP Meeting Minutes 2021

The Executive Committee of Friends of West Austin Park generally meets monthly. You can learn more about us and our bylaws here.

FOWAP Meeting Minutes

December 16, 2021

Present: Alison Ryan-Chair, Paula Hern-Secretary, Chris Schorre - Community Outreach Committee, Rob Kish - Fundraising Committee

Dick Ryan-It’s My Park Day


1. Alison and Dick talked about a meeting with neighbor David Bowl and PARD representatives regarding improvements David Bowl and FOWAP are hoping to accomplish. David is seeding and watering the northeast corner of the park. PARD will look into money for improving the rock retaining walls by the Overlook Project. They will not consider taking down the metal fencing due to safety concerns.

2. Dick said the next It’s My Park Day is in March and volunteers will be limited to 100. Work on pruning will be a priority over mulching. Dick said there is a plan to move mulch in the dog park from low points to higher ground. Alison said she met with a group to weed the garden this month and hopes to have a monthly group do the gardening.

3. Alison noted there have been four donations this month.

4. Chris and Rob talked about fund raising efforts this past month. One group of mailers has been sent out, signs are in the park and there is the possibility of a grant from an Urban Forestry Grants program. Chris said they will be asking for further funding to pay for mailings in the future. Amplify Austin is coming up soon in March and is another opportunity for donations. Alison will check with OWANA about possible developer park funds that are for targeted for West Austin Park.

5. There was general discussion about a Donor Wall in the future for the Overlook Project. There would be a hierarchy of giving levels and recognition on the wall. This will be an item to check with PARD for approval.

The next meeting is in January.

FOWAP Meeting Minutes

November 18, 2021

Place: Virtual Meeting

Present: Alison Ryan-Chair, Barbara Salyers-Co-Chair, Paula Hern-Secretary, Chris Schorre - Community Outreach Committee, Rob Kish - Fundraising Committee; Dick Ryan-It’s My Park Day


I. The Committee decided to let the PO Box expire due to its no longer being useful. All correspondence is virtual and so the PO Box is an unnecessary expense.

II. The issue of liability for any new elements added to the park in the Overlook Project was discussed. While there was a general consensus that FOWAP would not be held responsible, Alison was to check with Austin Parks Foundation for confirmation.

III. Chris requested $250 to pay for mailers describing the Project. Paula made a motion to allow with Barbara seconding. Chris also shared the presentation that he and Rob will be able to present to possible donors in the neighborhood. A big thanks to Shelley and Bill Kilday for designing a yard sign showing a beautiful picture of the Overlook Project and a QR barcode to access a way to donate. The idea for an event for the Overlook Project is being coordinated with Flower Hill Museum as a possible fund raiser.

IV. Dick shared the highlights of It’s My Park Day, November 6. About 50 volunteers showed up to help spread mulch both in the dog park and in areas around the park and work in the garden area. A big thanks to David Hole who donated time, volunteers and dirt to improve the grass and trees on the east side of the park.

V. An addition to the minutes of the Annual Meeting was that notice went out to the neighborhood regarding the meeting. And that did lead to about 20 people attending in addition to officers and committee members.

VI. The meeting was adjourned at 7.

Annual FOWAP Meeting

October 20, 2021

Location: West Austin Park

On October 20, Friends of West Austin Park met at West Austin Park for their Annual Meeting. All officers and Committee Chairs were present along with many neighbors who came out to support and express interest in FOWAP projects. The meeting took place where the Overlook Project will be developed, in the northwest corner of the park. The view of the cityscape made it easy to see why this will be a perfect location for the new seating area. There was plenty of food and drink for all.

The Annual Meeting was led by Chair, Alison Ryan. She began the meeting by giving an overview of past FOWAP projects including renovation of the bathhouse at the park. After an introduction of the officers and committee officers, elections were held for the positions of Co-Chair and Treasurer. Barbara Salyers and Jennifer Guthrie were voted in again as Co-Chair and Treasurer, respectively. Elections for the positions of Chair, currently Alison Ryan, and Secretary, currently Paula Hern, will take place at the next annual meeting in 2022.

Alison gave an update on the progress toward updating the 9th 1/2 Street entrance which has been approved by the city through the NPP Grant. FOWAP will have to provide 88 volunteer hours towards paying for improvements which include removal of the metal barrier and placement of stone blocks to give the space a more welcoming entrance on that side of the park. Chris Schorre, Project Committee Chair, gave an update on the Overlook Project at the end of the annual meeting.

Jennifer Guthrie gave a report regarding the finances of FOWAP. We started the year with $4800 in the Austin Parks Foundation and ended the year with $20,000 and $40,000 in committed pledges. The Amplify Austin event in March raised $12,,697 from 44 different donors which was the highest amount raised by any of the groups under the Austin Parks Foundation umbrella. BR Cumby contributed $5000 of funds raised by Amplify and contributed $10,000 of the $50,000 committed to FOWAP.

Volunteer opportunities were discussed by Paula Hern. Sign up opportunities for landscaping and gardening, social media help and fundraising are available through the FOWAP website. Dick Ryan gave details of the next It’s My Park Day on November 7. The number of volunteers this time is limited to 25 and all must sign up on the It’s My Park Day website. Mulch will be delivered and then spread to several areas in the park.

When the annual meeting was adjourned, Chris Schorre talked about progress on the Overlook Project and Rob Kish discussed the status of fund raising efforts which is really where the efforts now need to be concentrated. The design of the project has been finalized and the landscape architect fee has been paid. Pictures of the concept were available for viewing. About $450,00 is now needed to complete the project. Chris and Rob have made contact with numerous neighbors and more outreach is planned through small meetings and get togethers. There is a link on the website for direct donations as well.

Socializing rounded out the gathering’s end.

FOWAP Meeting Minutes

September 16, 2021

Place of Meeting: West Austin Park

Those Present:

Alison Ryan-Chair

Barbara Salyers-Co-Chair

Paula Hern-Secretary

Dick Ryan-It’s My Park Day Organizer

Rob Kish-Fund Raising Committee

I. Plans were made for the Annual Meeting of FOWAP. An agenda was discussed and a date of October 20th decided on following the bylaws.

II. Dick gave an update on It’s My Park Day. The date is November 6 and West Austin Park is entered but only a small number (75) of parks will be chosen for support. We are waiting for the response.

III. The group approved, with a motion by Paula and a second by Barbara, to approve up to $150 for expenditures on signs to advertise the October 5th event in the park that will coincide with National Night Out. The event is 6-8pm and will be sponsored by FOWAP and OWANA. This will be another opportunity for FOWAP to share information with the neighborhood about the Overlook Project and hopefully gain support and solicit donations.

IV. Rob filled the group in on fundraising efforts by himself and Chris. PARD has given soft approval for the Overlook Project but needs to see more funding in hand before a hard approval is given.

FOWAP Meeting Minutes

July 15, 2021

Those Present: Alison Ryan, Chair

Barbara Salyers, Co-Chair

Paula Hern, Secretary

Chris Schorre

Dick Ryan

Rob Kish


I. The NPP grant was awarded to FOWAP and is on its way to the Public Works department for signature. It is in the amount of $6,000. This will cover the cost of taking down the barrier and red poles at the dead end entrance to the park on the east side. Limestone boulders will be installed. No work is required of FOWAP to accomplish this change. But we are asked to provide 88 hours of volunteer work over a two year period.

II. Chris updated the group on the park Overlook Project. TBG has completed the media ready renderings of the project. There is no budget provided yet and perhaps that will happen next week. The next step is to contact Melissa at Cumby about the date to pass their check to FOWAP.

III. Rob and Chris updated the group on fund raising efforts to date. They are meeting currently and plan to present individuals and neighborhood groups. A budget is needed first before those can begin. Connections to possible donors are being made currently. Rob will contact Adrienne, the chair of OWANA, to update her on progress made towards the project.

IV. Dick stated the next It’s My Park Day is tentatively set for September 18th.

V. It was decided to not meet in August due to the number of people out of town at that time. The next meeting is set for September 16.

FOWAP Meeting Minutes

June 3, 2021

Those Present: Chris Schorre

Rob Kish

Dick Ryan

Alison Ryan-Chair

Barbara Salyers-Vice Chair

Jennifer Guthrie-Treasurer

Paula Hern-Secretary

I. Chris talked about the progress made on The Overlook project. The project has been reviewed by PARD and there were a few comments that did not substantially change the design. It was suggested that the limestone wall along the park facing side will need to be designed to look more like the other, newer walls. The parking along the Overlook was discussed as a difficult place to leave, but no position was taken regarding parking there. The committee agreed to allow TBG to officially move forward with design changes and design of renderings for distribution and fund raising efforts. Final drawings should be available in about 4 weeks and then can be posted to the website. Preliminary costs of the entire project are still being considered and priced.

II. Rob talked about the fund raising efforts to date. He, Chris and Taylor are working to develop a fund raising plan. There are plans to host an event in the park when Cumby Development gives to the Friends, the $50,000 check promised from the development next to the park. The fall is being considered as the timing for the event.

III. Chris brought up the potential to help Terry Likona with a music event of some kind in the park. No details or plans yet, but Barbara offered to help with coordinating the event if it continues to be a viable option.

IV. Chris said the Friends now have control of domain of their website. He suggested paying $72/year fee for separate gmail accounts for Fundraising and for the chair. The $144 was approved by the committee.

V. Alison said she is still waiting for the city to sign off on the contract for the project to begin. She has a grant proposal for the Neighborhood Partnering Program into the city.

VI. The next meeting for Friends is July 15, 6pm.

FOWAP Meeting Minutes

February 23, 2021

Members Present: Jennifer Guthrie, Paula Hern, Rob Kish, Dick Ryan, Alison Ryan, Chris Schorre

Chris gave a brief update on the Terrace Project. Justin at TBG plans to deliver design drawings on March 12. They are somewhat delayed due to the snow storm last week. A board meeting will be scheduled after design drawing delivery to get general membership approval of the design. Chris is putting together an email to members about the project and the potential to donate during Amplify Austin.

FOWAP now has $5,000 in the savings account from Cumby for the park.

It’s My Park Day is now scheduled for June but no other details known now.

There was general discussion about how to advertise Amplify Austin and the opportunity to donate to the West Austin Park project. Signs and paper fliers were discussed. Fund raising efforts will also use Next Door and FaceBook.

FOWAP Meeting Minutes

January 21, 2021

Present: Jennifer Guthrie

Paula Hern

Rob Kish

Alison Ryan

Dick Ryan

Chris Schorre

Rob Kish joined the committee meeting to introduce himself to the group and vice versa. He will join the efforts to fundraise for upcoming projects and head up the Fundraising Committee. He is a neighbor and frequent user of the park with his family.

Chris updated the group on the progress of the TBG landscape architect group. They promise to start drawing up two conceptual ideas next week for the group. The designs will come to the committee and then a decision will be made as to which drawing best defines what the project will look like. Chris has given them guidance as to what is wanted in regards to seating and shade elements. Chris will draft a letter about the project that will be emailed to the mailing list. It will outline volunteer opportunities as well as inform about the terrace project.

Alison has put together the FOWAP page for Amplify Austin happening March 4-5. It will be under the Austin Parks Foundation site. Visitors to the site will need to click on the West Austin Park icon to give directly to West Austin Park. So far, it has been difficult to negotiate and actually donate early.

Dick let the group know there is no It’s My Park Day group activity planned for the spring.

Rob brought up the possibility of grants for the park through LCRA as well. That will be researched further as a possibility.