West Austin Park Needs Your Financial Support

When you donate to the West Austin Park, you can be assured that your donation will be put to good use. The Friends of West Austin Park (FOWAP) operates under the umbrella of the Austin Parks Foundation (APF). All donations are tax deductible and are held in escrow by APF. FOWAP is a 100% volunteer organization and operates so your donation goes directly to improving our park. We are currently raising money for The Overlook project and we need your contributions because although the Austin Parks and Recreation Department (PARD) supports it, they will not fund construction. Join your neighbors in helping us bring this project to reality and enjoy this space for many years to come! Here are ways you can donate. 


Donations can made on the APF website. 


Austin Parks Foundation

Attn: West Austin Park

1023 Springdale Rd. #10D

Austin, TX 78721 

VERY IMPORTANT! Add to memo: Friends of West Austin Park


Austin Parks Foundation

Central National Bank

Routing Number: 111907199

Account Number: 1731074

VERY IMPORTANT! Add to memo: Friends of West Austin Park


Please email chris.schorre@gmail.com  for instructions on how to donate stock. 

We Are Incredibly Grateful to the 140+ Neighbors and Business Who Have Contributed in Support of This $650,000 Project! 

Louis Appel, Austin Community Foundation, Amanda & Andrew Atkinson, Matthew Atkinson, Carol Austin, David & Sarah Belknap, Lynne Bender, Benevity Community Impact Fund, Angie Bickley, Todd Canon, David Bole, Beverly Brooks, Todd Canon, Ranjini Chandirakanthan, Heather Clever, Chelsea Combs, Amy & Danile Crofut, Clemmie Cummins & Mark Stine, Darden Deviney, Lisa Doggett, Kate & Benjamin Ertle, Flower Hill Foundation, Amanda Fox, Friends of Patterson Park, Gwen Gerber, Anne Giles, Scott Gill, Kirk and Adrienne Goldsberry, Sinikka Green, Joanne Hankamer, Anna Hefty, Marty Henderson, Lindsey Heron, Clara Heironimus & R. J. Kelly, Rita & Dane Hersey, Fritz Hinze, Lisa Hughes, Thomas Keese, Sarah Kennedy & Mark Fries, Robert & Silvia Jones, Darrell & Leslie Jones, Robert & Sylvia Jones, Thomas Keese,  Ernie Kish, Amanda Larson, Alex Levy, Justin Lindabury, Pace Lossen, Michale Loeb & Tara Tune, Cundy Lofton, Pace Lossen, Gwen Louden-Gerber, Jane Baxter Lynn & Frank Lynn, Patrick Macken, Patrick Macken,  Jose & Sylvia Mata, Richard & Laura Matz, Paul McKaig, Tomas Medina,  Michelle Mehta, Jonathan Meneses, Lorri Michel, Paula Minahan, Mark Moore, Laura Morrison, Elina & Yasser Nasser, Tere O'Connell, Richard Queen, Stephanie Panozzo, Christine Pyne, Raymond Risk, Emma Rogers, Danile Rowan, Alissa & Justin Shapiro, Clayton Signor, Dave Sullivan, Blake Smith, Erika Spruill, Adam Sumrall, David Sullivan, Erika Tatum, Colleen & Brad Theriot, Sarah Thomas, Stephen Thomas Construction, Toni Thomasson, Tara Tune, Peggy Ugent, Jessica Vedder, Anne & Charles Walker, George Warmingham & Rosemary Merriam, Kay Watson, Toni Wegner, Delpfine Welch, Whit Williams, William Whitlif, Sarah Yant, Denise Younger

Did we miss someone? Please email chris.schorre@gmail.com 

Plus the incredible generosity of the neighbors and local businesses shown below. 

Individuals or foundations contributing $1,000+ (single or multiple gifts combined) will be added to our permanent donor wall in the Overlook section of the park. Businesses donating $5,000+ will also be added. Of course, you may choose to remain anonymous if desired. 

SKYLINE donors

HILLTOP donors

LEGACY donors

WEST LINE donors

TUDOR donors

TREETOP donors