Get Involved!

Help us make West Austin Park even better

City parks don't become dynamic gathering spaces by accident. It happens when neighbors and frequent park users get engaged. The Austin Parks and Recreation Department (PARD) wants to improve all parks. But with limited staff, limited budget and 300 parks competing for attention, improvements rarely happen unless neighbors organize and take the initiative. YOU are that neighbor.

Have some extra time to volunteer?

We are looking for committed neighbors who can assist with:

  • Fundraising (neighbors and businesses)

  • Social media posting to promote the park and raise awareness (Facebook, Instagram, NextDoor)

  • Photography so we have a continual stream of awesome photos to post online

  • Tree planting, mulch spreading and other park cleanup two times per year on a Saturday

  • Maintain/improve this website, plus graphic design

  • Planning or helping with events in the park